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Short description of the organization’s background

MPHPA was established in 2002 and has been activated since 2003. The mission of the organization is to support sustainable development of public health in Mongolia through pooling the skills of professionals and strengthening multi-sectoral collaboration in order to protect and promote the public health. From the time of its functioning, the MPHPA is active in policy program advocacy, development and evaluation, PH training and research and community mobilization. The MPHPA has more than 50 members and full member of the WFPHA since 2010.

The MPHPA is governed by bi-annual General meeting and in between the meetings governed by the Board. The Board members are elected from the General meeting of all members. Board of the MPHPA is consisted of 7 persons and the Chair of the Board elected from the Board members.

The MPHPA has five full-time and one part-time employees, the Executive Director, Program Officer and an administrative/financial officer who are responsible for management, organization and coordination of day-to-day activities. The MPHPA activities are financed by various projects funded by local and international organizations in Mongolia and abroad.

In the past the MPHPA had carried out various activities in PH policy development and advocacy, research and evaluation, training through different projects. MPHPA is a recognized and well reputed professional NGO among the professional and international health community in Mongolia.

Major acievements:

  • ·         Actively involved in advocacy of tobacco control law in increasing of excise tax; banning of smoking in public places; placing of health warnings on the boxes of cigarettes; selling of cigarettes in pieces and to minors

  • ·         Actively involved in advocacy of alcohol control law in allocation of 1% of alcohol excise tax to the Health Promotion Fund, multi-lateral participation in control of alcohol

  • ·         Reviewed and updated the curricula of Public Health Master’s training of the School of Public Health

  • ·         Development of basics of Public Health training for health workers

  • ·         Developed the curricula of Epidemiology and Biostatistics course for PH professionals

  • ·         Developed Health Sector Review

  • ·         Involved in organizing of Behavior Change Communication and advocacy campaigns through the Health Project, funded by MCA-Mongolia

  • ·         Conducted numbers of studies, surveys to evaluate health policies and programs by the request of government and international organizations in Mongoli

  • ·         Organized of Public Health Conferences

  • ·         Developed, translated and distributed numbers of books for health professionals

  • ·         Carried out Public Health Professionals’ skills grading examination

  • ·         Administering Salzburg Medical Seminars in Mongolia and sent more than 490 medical doctors to the seminars

  • ·         Successfully implemented “Elections 2016: Health Resolution for Political Parties” project 



MPHPA strongly encourages membership applications from non-health professionals, such as journalists, lawyers, economists, engineers and environmentalists, with an active interest in public health issues.

To support sustainable development of public health in Mongolia through pooling the skills of professionals and strengthening multisectoral collaboration in order to protect and promote health of the population.

To provide a leadership ensuring the “Healthy Nation – Heart of Development” in Mongolia through integrating capacity of public health professionals and evolving into an institution of international competence by 2010.

Strategic Objectives
MPHPA will seek to fulfill its Strategic Mission and Vision through the following strategic objectives:

1.    To participate actively and encourage community involvement in development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based public health policies and programs;

2.    To continuously strengthen the public health knowledge, skills and capacity of professionals in the Mongolian health sector;

3.    To contribute to improvement of health promotion among public;

4.    To strengthen multisectoral collaboration and develop international linkages in order to protect and promote the health of the Mongolian people.


Strategic Plan (2007-2015) [PPT]


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