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Becoming a member

Response to public health problems involves all sectors and all professionals in concerted effort to make change. All public health professionals or public health activists who accept the Association’s goals and aims can become members of the Association. Additional information is available from the Association’s Bylaw.

Mongolian Public Health Professionals’ Association
Chingeltei District, 3 th khoroo, Peace Tower, #1719
P.O.Box 229/46A Ulaanbaatar 210646A
Tel/Fax: +976-11-325190


Complete the form, including bank details to arrange payment of annual membership fee and send to MPHPA via E-mail (mphpa.mongolia@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Fax (325190).
1 year 50.000 MNT Account number: 404096748
  Bank name: Trade and Development Bank
  Beneficiary: MPHPA
    Payment details: (Name)'s Membership fee of year 200. . . 



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