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Current Projects

The MPHPA has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from high level public policy advocacy to development of tools and resources for public health practitioners.

Through its work and its membership, the MPHPA is highly regarded and has built strong relationships with national organizations including the Ministry of Health, National Center for Health Development, State Inspection Agency, City Health Department, Public Health Institute and University of Health Sciences.

The MPHPA also boasts many years’ experience working with multilateral agencies including the World Health Organization, United Nations Population Fund, World Bank and Asian Development Bank, Soros Foundation and bilateral agencies including the JICA and the IDRC. 

Salzburg International Medical Seminar 2010

If you interested in this programme please go to to sumbit your application or contact us at +976-11-325190,;

Userguide for online application of Salzburg seminar [DOC]

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